Pique Nique Rouge - ArcPhono

Montreal, 2012 - Installation and Sound - Clothing, Photography, Wood Pedestal, Halloween Props, Electronic - Presented at the Art Mur Gallery with an introduction by Vincente Lhoste and an expansion of the project was also presented during the conference Archive Sonore et Voix Radio.

In the spirit of the mystics beings in Cambodia (The Neak Ta - the spirit of the forest), this photo project tells its Western assimilation and immigration. The premise of the project is based on the notion of offerings where the spiritual being (Neak Ta) grant wishes and good fortune in exchange for sugar offerings, receives only his shares on the day of Halloween after his immigration to western society. A subtle soundtrack, hidden inside the pumpkin, played an edited capture of my mother sewing the costume; the sound was edited in order to make it appear like the use and reloading of a weapon: As a kid I never saw much difference between the sound made by the machine guns in a Rambo Movie and her trusty sewing machine.