The Book of Mot

Long Island City, NY, USA, 2015 - Installation, Projection - Paper, Cardboard, Print, Acrylic; Presented at Fisher Landau Center for the Art curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud - part of the Columbia University MFA thesis show the project was made possible with the support of the Leroy Neiman Center for Print Studies. Subsequently presented at Judith Charles Gallery in Manhattan, NY, curated by Paddy Johnson.

« The book of Mot » is a multi-facetted installation about propaganda inspired by the Khmer Rouge agenda, the construction of mythology and the vanity of the figure of the hero. The catalyst for the project is a play on my family name, which is Mot, which is also the name of the God of death in his realm named HMRY in Canaanites mythology. The figure of the rollercoaster was used as a central figure in order to convey the generic structure of the storytelling of a hero and those victims of the hero's propaganda.