# Walking My Dragon Fruit @ SG

Singapore, 2016 - Projection on two ways Glass; Originally presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Singapore during the tropical lab residency - Curated by Balla Starr; Other screening: Amazing Art China, NYC - Chiang Mai University, Thailand: Curated by Ubatsat Sutta.

« #WalkingMyDragonFruit@SG » is a project that play with the uncanny notions that have been promoted by early explorers about promises of phantasmagoric visions of far away islands in order to fund their travels. From incredible customs, funny looking locals, to supernatural events or exotic beauty; those feverish beliefs attracted both curiosity and greed. In which colonialist imbued with possessiveness, entitlement and pride will seek fortunes. The work is a series of shorts videos destined to be uploaded on "instagram" in which the account owner depict his daily life with his fruit. In those videos we can see the owner interact with his fruit; bathing his fruit, petting his fruit, playing with his fruit and simply sharing and documenting the cuteness of his "magical" moving fruit for the world to see and import.

Article: Richard Neo, Hour at the Museum, - Singapore Straits Time