Je et Jeux

Matane, 2013 - Installation, Projection - Paper, Photography - Presented at the Espace F - Art Center.

The project is an inquiry about the shaping of an identity through play by exploring the tension between the playful and the tragic. The triptych comes with a game of goban between Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler playing an ideological seki; the figure of Mao that redefines the number of peon on a chessboard with its impressive number of pieces and finally the three monotheistic religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity confronts each other in a poker game where the winner takes all.

This work is about hubris, justice and my whirlind of thought surrounding the UN Backed tribunal that took $300 million and nearly a decade to convict 3 mens for the death of 1.7 millions cambodians from 1974-1979 during the Khmer Rouge Era (NY TIME). In which, Khmer Rouge leader wanted to replicate Chinese's cultural revolution and believed they could achieve it faster and more efficiently, without listening to the alledge urging advices of chairman Mao and Deng Xioping that it would be impossible without heavy casualty; it is also in my thought that this trial resonating with the jewish holocaust had to follow the same sense of justice; As the explicit inaction on the matter of the Khmer Rouge Leader from the international commitee, for nearly 30 years, was a blemished on the notion of International Justice and was necessary in order to move forward ideologically and remove a sense of impunity according to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.