Kitab - Le Manuel

Montreal, 2011 - Performance Documentation, Animation, Photography - Presented at the Gallery Les Territoires.

« kitab - Le petit Manuel » is a playful conception of the object as a locust of religious identity through a critic of Islamic extremist and their self serving interpretation of the Coran. Citations from the kitab mentioned during my coranic schooling are deviously reinterpreted in order to question beliefs and its authority for excluding, limiting and interpreting the scriptures.

Quote: 1 - Le croyant doit imaginer le paradis sur sa droite et l'enfer sur sa gauche - The faithful has to picture paradise on his right and hell on his left;
Quote: 2 - C'est Durant la Salaat que le fidele se rapprochera des cieux - it is during the prayer that believer will be closest to the sky;
Quote: 3 - Lors de la priere, le musulman doit orienter son visage vers la kabbah - During prayer, the muslim has to face the kabbah.