Train Easy - Fight Sleazy

Montreal, 2017 - Live Performance - Presented during the Viva Art Action Festival and supported by the Verticale Art Center in Laval. - With the generous collaborations of Kelvin Tran and Kimura Byol.

In the first act titled: « Train Easy, Fight Sleazy; Muay Thai », I explore the rules of engagement as a petty gangster. The character doesn’t believe in the old warrior way where promises of glory awaits those who “train hard” in order to “fight easy”. Un-subservient to morality, ethic and sportsmanship; he believe that only fools oppressed by the system will believe in those instituted fairy tales related to hard work and retirement plans. An entitled hedonistic being at the core; JP Mot “train easy” and “fight sleazy”.- Great thanks to Kelvin Tran and Kimura Boyle for their generous participation; photo credit: Paul Litherland

Press - French Only - : Jade Boivin - Viva Art Action 2017: