Dream the World - Chapter 2

Beijing, 2019 - Installation - Found objects; Presented at Red Gate Gallery during a 2 months art residency spawning across Beijing, Datong and witnessing the 70 year anniversary of the party.

« Dream the World - Chapter 2 » Vita, meaning “life” in Italian, found on a lemon tea juice box, 彷徨洗掉了那些, meaning “Wash off those worries”, found on a discarded shower brush instruction package and Dream the World found on a winter jacket are words that are the basis of this work inspired by the notion of belonging, the US and China trade war and the cultural inquisitiveness in face of Han Chinese idealism. The work uses salvaged packaging elements and warning labels, discarded takeout delivery boxes, popular Chinese TV drama, color sensors, LED lights, and found items within his vicinity which has been worked, included and modified.