Vive la Bouffe - Nourrir le Rêve

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, 2022 - Research - Found objects; Presented at Est-Nord-Est during a 2 months art residency.

The work incorporates brands and food packaging that the artist has consummated over the years through his traveling and staying in different art residencies as a nomadic post-studio artist while juxtaposing these reclaimed prints to objects found within the vicinity of his dwellings underlined by political commentaries across the world.

The last series of research is titled: "J'aime la bouffe/On bouffe Les Prix", (2022): Is a series of works based on Edward Said's Orientalism and Spivak's notion of the subaltern by intermingling and opposing symbolism such as an energy drink from Irak "Wild Tiger" and a condensed milk candy "White Rabbit" as a way to explore immigration and borders relations by engaging with particular semantic of alienation through a kinetic paper sculpture presenting moving drawing like animated GIFs and prints found on grocery bags of the local IGA.