Grass Jelly Drinks

Governors Island, 2020 - Installation - Found objects; Presented at the NARS Foundation inspired by the nature, ecology and rich military history of the Island located at the heart of New York after a three months art residency. Titled “Grass Jelly Drink” (2020), the work is a pun on the idea of beliefs: Are your beliefs “grass rooted” or “grass jellied” how informed are they? The work deploy itself through a sense of remoteness and the fragmentation of an oversaturated image of flowers, grass and nature.

The work is a reflection on the Asian-American scapegoating during the height of the COVID pandemic in the U.S. where the president of the United States called the pandemic: the Chinese virus. Prompting an unsafe environment for many individuals of asian descent during the health crisis. As the brand of the beverage used is “Chin Chin” which translate as “please please” and/or “kiss kiss”; the beverage itself is a pun on how the U.S. presidential discourse viewed the pandemic as an ill fated "Chinese kiss” and used that concept to cement their Republican electoral bases through American Patriotism and xenophobia.

This particular project was made possible with the support of the The Trust for the Governors Island and the NARS Foundation. The work is part of the exhibition titled: "Holding Breath" curated by Elisa Gutierrez Eriksen and presented at the NARS Foundation main gallery.