S(w)erved!: Birds on a Skewer

Banff, 2022 - Installation - Found objects, Bronze casting, slip porcelain, wood; Presented at the Banff Center during a 10 weeks art residency in Alberta, Canada.

The work “S(w)erved!: Birds on a Skewer” (2022) uses the McDonald logo mimicking drawn birds in a distant horizon and the figure of the parenthesis as an edification of our molded beliefs as we congregate within an ideology and underline the question of how do we manufacture alienation. The work include 3D printed objects and the translation of a flattened burger wrap into CNC machining codes to produce the sculptures wooden base as the stencils with the term “S(w)erved!” Become legible to the viewer when the sunlight hit the stencil at the perfect angle.

This particular project was possible due to the support of the Quebec Art and Letter Council.